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‘The kid in the studio’ by filmmaker Gilberto Loffer


Frustration iS nothing when curiosity is in the room

It’s inevitable, at some point what we do will turnt tedious. no matter if it’s our vocation our dream job.

When you do something long enough its hard to remember the things that inspire you to do it in the first place

For me it’s all about being aware of this reality. Frustration will come, and when it does there is not much that we can do but let it sit in the room.

In this film I visited the room of Daan, a character inspire by my own frustration and metal blocks. When alone Daan would hit his head into the wall going nowhere with his work.

But this time is very different.

After reading Herman unexpected learning story, I remembered the most powerful tool we have against frustration. Pure and innocent curiosity, the like we find in kids at certain age. Just like in Herman Story

Reflecting on this led me to the conclusion that we have to invest in cultivating a healthy amount of curiosity that will meet frustration when it shows it’s ugly face in our room.

– Gilberto loffer

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Master-plan of Life

I still remember the study notes of my dad from his time at the mining company, he must have been around 18 years of age. Big note blocks full with numbers and drawings, lines, arrows and notes on A4 paper will lines, i think i even remember different colors of the different pens he used.

The note blocks looked like art to me, the appearance of being freshly written, like secret ideas and new plans, the mind at work translated on paper, for me it was an idea book with master-plans and worked out random details, very well structured.

I was around 7-8 years of age, there must have been around 5 of these note blocks, hard covered in blue and black and gray. I would study them for hours, and fantasizing about making my own plans in life it the same way. For me it represented creativity and a trigger to be the architect of my own life.

I found it so beautiful that for the rest of my life I imitated that style of planning and i start developing many innovative ideas and plans. I have applied it for my personal growth plans, for my role as business leader and entrepreneur, for my start-ups, travel plans and my business coaching sessions for my clients.

For Sunshine Lab i will create and map our plans in the same fashion, to close this circle of unexpected learning in life.

Energized by Curiosity

The 7-year old me was a lot of fun, a kid that did not need any sugar to be in a rush, always running, exploring, screaming, fuel by imagination and curiosity. This little hurricane of energy was a nightmare to the grown-ups. And more often than not he would consume all the patience out of any poor soul that had to interact with him.

A very good day one particular lady walk into my classroom looking for a dancer. The school was putting on a show for the PT meeting. My teacher scanned the room and lay eyes on me having a sudden idea, by making go with this lady she could put my excessive energy into use and save herself some headaches.

So I went with miss Gloria. She was always active and in movement. Talking with excitement about the show and all that we had to prepare. I liked her style. She told me that I needed to dance. So I did.

We practice every two days after school and one month later I was on stage dress all in white with shiny black shoes dancing to a catchy pop song in font of the whole school. And i mash it.

My unexpected early learning made me realize that all those things that made us different have the potential to turn into a personal strength. To this day I’m still that kid. Energized by curiosity and imagination and willing to focus all of it into my films, shows and projects. I love that sunshine lab propose is to share this valuable life perspective.

This is my story
Luis Levy
Sunshine Lab

Since the first day I saw the light, once I was out of my mom’s belly, something in me knew I was special, and that would give me the power to virtuously help others.
We all know that humans are special, kind, and unique. With ways to develop their character by finding their inner self and helping others, making our place on earth better.
So, back to me. It all started when I fell in love in the 90s. Skateboarding on the west coast was on fire. It turned out that skating was not just riding a board in the street. It was ART, where the urban city was part of the canvas for all of us. Then art started to build, with my skate legends such as all of the Bones Brigade (The Powel Peralta´s group of young guns). Decks were full of drawings, wheels and engineering started to play a big roll. I was living in Panama City, Panama but since my dad had to travel a lot to all over the states, he used to bring me all of this type of gear regarding skate, bmx and surf. This last one, started to play a huge roll when a I was about to turn 15. All my uncles had beautiful places in the countryside and my family had a huge farm in Veraguas, Soná. Soná, is one of the oldest countryside towns in my country. My grandfather was from Italy and he came with all his family and settled in farms. I remember taking my skateboard and having a blast, while checking around all the architecture from these old towns. Also, this place is full of rivers and is an hour away from Santa Catalina, a place where I became a passionate soulful surfer.
Once I realized I had a good taste for life, scent of love for my surroundings, I decided to start my journey in Architecture. When we are new in our career, we think we are invincible. I had my ups and downs during my time in school and at the end of a long run, I finally graduated. After graduating I thought, “now, how I’m supposed to help, to give something back to the world?” How am I going to make this project live forever? Not just as a material particle, but coming to life as a structure forever.
Ok, all of this sounds lovely but all of us humans know that if we want to make something great, handwork, passion, love, and resilience is the key.
Finally, I was having fun with what I love. However I was feeling a bit empty inside. I started to ponder how I was going to be myself, doing what I love, and feeling fulfilled. To find out what was bugging my soul I started to be a bit more spiritual, self-conscious, and begun combining all of my virtues, my story, my love : Skate ( urban, dancing, art, friendship), Surf (long last friends, art, design, nature love), ME (personality, sense for life, help, justice). All of those, are my values, my core. All of us carry different types of values, sometimes we do not know we have them. That is the reason there is all types of things to share now a days with all of the drastic changes we are living in these new normal pandemic days.

There’s is one important thing tell which plays key part of my growth, something I can’t leave to share, the fountain of my inspiration: They are my wife and family.
Leaders of my heart and players on my decisions out of shoes. All of them (Lili, my two big sisters, mom & dad) thought me the great value of being humble, be kind, no harm, discipline and hard work pays. Lili is been at my side before I graduate from architecture school. She has a unique personality not to mention her beauty and the power to put my feet on earth.
On the other hand God have gave me the ability to be surrounded by with wonderful friends those with super abilities that had been inspiring since my childhood. These are, Moto riders, surfers, architects, designers, engineers , artists, bankers, humble friends.
After a while, realize I was growing up, asking to myself about how I was supposed to fulfilled my inner me to be authentic. At the end the answer was right in front of me 

Schooling is going to take the lead, making us better humans. We are here to give without asking back. To give an opportunity to grow as a better person, better family, and most of all creating a beautiful community within the human race.