SUNSHINE LAB goes to Santa Fe de Darien, Panama

To the beat of the drum, Sunshine LAB meets its ground, an opportunity to taste the value that sparks when a community and extraordinary people exchange creativity, knowledge and life stories.

At the east most side of Panamá

Darien province faces many challenges.

A land that frontier with Colombia, an agriculture economy, far behind the infrastructure and development of the big cities.

Near the peripheries of darien’s biggest town, Santa Fe

lives a woman that is know as “La maestra” 

a volunteer teacher that has help local kids face the challenge of school during covid quarantine

At her finca “La bonita” Graciela Fernandez dreams with helping her community through education, development and culture

Her efforts has turnt into a road that allows easy access to the land where she makes duros and quesos to sell at the local market.

Dreaming to some day host visitors that seek to experience the rich nature of Darien.

To the beat of the drum

Sunshine LAB brings to La bonita unexpected learning

To shake the soul of kids and adults alike

Inviting Eric Blaquicet, a loved percussionist from colon city 

to share drum beats of the world with the community

This exchange will aim to compose “a beat”

inspire by the personality, adventures and places around te kids of this community. This series of tracks will be part of the growing art library that Sunshine Lab shares with patrons and supporters

We have

  • The connection with Santa Fe community of kids and their parents
  • Finca la bonita as a location to set the LAB visit 
  • Graciela Fernandez support for logistic, and community grown food for the kids and visitors
  • Eric Blaquicet contact for this exchange

We need

  • 4×4 Transportation to and from Darien
  • An audiovisual team to capture photo, video and audio
  • The musician fee for the class
  • Food purchases and preparation
  • Logistic and production team honoraries