Green schooling

As a green school, we have adopted the 3 pillar framework for a more sustainable educational approach into the core of our school-labs. Our School-lab design and construction embraces environmental friendly materials, reduced energy and water use. Our school-labs blend into the local scene and have an organic garden by design. With our curriculum “random wisdom” we bring sustainability insights from experts from all over the world to our students.

We protect student, parents and teacher health by ensuring a clean and healthy indoor environment strengthened by our curriculum “Self-care”. Our kitchen is a meeting place for students, parents and teachers to connect, share cultural differences and together prepare clean and healthy food as part of the educational programs.

We provide affordable education for those in need of help, in developing locations around the world. We inspire to be a bridge between students and experts from around the world.

This unique approach enables us to provide a curriculum that is truly focused around solving the global challenges our students face today and in the future. Our curriculum “Social Connection” is a major element of our teaching and includes global trends, digitization and world topics.