Early Unexpected Learning

We want to create those unforgettable positive learning moments which might not only motivate our students to accomplish their dream in life, but even help them to have a dream in life. Imagine this person who is passionate about their profession, and this person teaches you something you have never seen before, and as a youngster you might never forget this moment, it might inspire you, it might open your world, make you curious and it might even guide you through your life.

We offer unexpected learning via our after-school micro programs for young minds between 7-15 years of age, in small interactive groups. The unexpected has 2 dimensions.

Firstly, we offer non-ordinary teaching: topics that are uncommon in our students’ local community, toughed by passionate experts from all over the world instead of teachers, hands-on and pragmatic using materials and tools that are locally available. Secondly our curriculum is random, our available classes depend on which expert will book our lab. There is no repetition, it always is a surprise what topics will be available.